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Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm PST
and are collecting donations to maintain it now. >> san jose held the veteran a's day parade today. the opening ceremony took place in honor of the 1918 arm consist signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 -month. . >> it was a beautiful day for a pradz in san francisco as the people lined up the streets for this year's veteran's day absolute. hundreds of veterans took part in a march down the street. san francisco mayor ed lee was there to show support. >> lots of blue skies today but now the rain and the days to expect it with the pinpoint forecast. . >> he was among millions to have fought for our freedom, the dramatic firsthand account from a bay area veteran who was at the battle of the bulge who risked their lives to protect our liberties. cbs 5 reporter ann makovec brins on this veteran ace day we're with hon norg those who risks their lives to bring us liberties. >> one night, there was a big explosion, everybody rushed to the docks and a crew ship had been torpedo. >> 89 years old herman shapiro is a world you war one veteran and remembers a night when u.s. ships were att
Nov 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
notarangelo. >>> tonight police identified a gunman they say tried to kill a san jose officer. meanwhile they're on the hunt for another suspect and asking for help. a $10,000 reward is now offered for his capture. cbs5 reporter don knapp shows us the series of crimes the gunman is wanted for including murder. >> reporter: police say the chase and arrest of this man ended in a friday crime spree that included four armed robberies, a homicide and attempted murder of two san jose police officers. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was captured after a shootout that wounded one officer and a high speed chase ending in a crash after which wilbanks fled on foot. it was says the sergeant an old- fashioned shootout. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. there were rounds in the officer's sheet, front windshield, side window -- seat, frond windshield, side window. now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> reporter: police say wilbanks and an accomplice hit a pizza parlor, jack in a box and a spa. wilbanks and another man at large shot and killed rory clarke pediford while attempting
Nov 4, 2012 10:00pm PST
. 80s peninsula including south san francisco, belmont millbury we dive to the south. san jose all in the low 80s jumping into the mid and high 80s into gilroy. east of the bay well inland 50 degrees in brentwood tracey oakly and discovery bay. 84 degrees in san ramon. low 80s coming from napa back in through sonoma then we jump into the high 80s. glen ellen as well. check out bodega bay. 78 stinson beach offshore flow resulting in 76 degrees but away from the ocean we'll see stagnant air quality a bit of a haze. you'll be able to see that tomorrow. anywhere from the north to the east into the santa clara valley. five-day forecast we're calling for a little bit of a cool down on tuesday possible record highs there as well. wednesday we do offer that transition day about 11 to 12 degrees cooler. we introduce the possibility of rain showers in the forecast on thursday actually all the way through saturday and notice most of us will be well into the 50s over that three day period jumping into the mid-60s by sunday. right now we are calling for clearer skies on veteran's day. veteran's
Nov 25, 2012 10:00pm PST
, even with the cease fire. 37 of those killed were children. >>> checking bay area headlines. san jose leaders will move tomorrow to hear what qualities the public wants in their next police chief. they would fire blanks, but could use the birdshots. they have had 180 including some that caused major damages to the planes. >>> a challenge of the defense of marriage act, that might be one of several they consider this week. the justices, they will decide whether or not to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8, the initiative banning gay marriage. they are expected to meet this week to decide which cases they will hear next year. >>> a new pastor was sent packing. cbs 5 reported on whether or not the congregation wanted nothing to do with their newly hired leader. the new pastor, john hunter. the reverend hunter was ill today according to the leaders, so a fill-in took his place and most people are are glad. he was recently appointed by the bishop that flopped to the former leader. and hunter came from l.a. a quick google search revealed that he might come with the baggage.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4